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What We Do

Art is one of the finest expressions of the human spirit and handicrafts a deep felt expression of culture. Better World Arts bring together these exalted reflections of humanity, uniting the oldest living culture on earth with the finest handmade traditions of the silk road and beyond. Our works bring balance and symmetry. They nurture the soul of the artists, families and communities on all sides of the world. Let them embellish your life as well.

Better World Arts values and supports ancient cultures in Australia and globally. By developing new and innovative projects we can continue to distribute generous royalties to the artists, and support economic sustainability for communities in developing regions.

We step daily towards reconciliation, the right and responsibility of all Australians, not only the domain of government agencies.

We work on many levels to Close the Gap.

Better World Arts runs many programs, outside of and above and beyond our business relationship, programs that create opportunities for Aboriginal people, engaging them economically and culturally, supporting them socially and holistically. 

Our Mission

Aboriginal Art Gallery - Better World Arts

"Better World Arts produces and sources high quality art and handicrafts using the traditional skills of artists and craftspeople. We work with people across the globe to showcase some of the best work from diverse cultures and ensure a fair distribution of profits.

Better World Arts recognises that culture is strengthened when traditional skills and life styles are valued and supported, and people are enabled to stay in their own communities. We believe business can be used to empower traditions, communities and people, and we aim to create innovative products and business structures which support local communities culturally and economically, and engage the global marketplace. We aim to create cultural and economic support, to multiply the benefits derived from our work, and to support a sustainable environment.

Better World Arts is promoting harmony, goodwill and economic links between communities across the globe whilst celebrating, supporting and sustaining the skills of artists and artisans from Australia and across the world."

You can visit us in Port Adelaide, or the Central Market to see Aboriginal art and multi-cultural handicrafts. Alternatively, you can view our Aboriginal art online at any time.

Introduction to Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art is based on important traditional stories and symbols originating from 'The Dreaming'. This was the period in which the Australian Aboriginal world was created, and extends from the distant past to our present. Traditional "Tjukurrpa" stories are ancient, and relate not only to the Australian landscape but to the whole planet and the cosmos. The oral tradition of the Australian Aboriginal peoples provide a thread that connects us all back to our most distant ancestors. There are similarities between some Aboriginal dreaming stories and those of other ancient cultures.  For example, the Many Sisters (also known as the Seven Sisters) is one such story that can be found in many traditions across the globe. In Aboriginal culture this story has a chapter that belongs on the Pitjantjatjara Lands, another chapter that belongs in Warlpiri country, and so it goes on tracing it's way through the many cultural groups that make up the peoples we refer to as Aboriginal. Their tjukurrpa define individual language and territorial groups, and at the same time links them together.

The power of Aboriginal art may lay not only in the rich and multi dimensional tjukurrpa but also in the fact that there was no written language as we understand it. Some Aboriginal art is similar to a language, and can very clearly tell a story to those who know how to read it.

Our Aboriginal art gallery in Port Adelaide hosts many practicing artists who are for various reasons displaced from their traditional lands. Here we offer a functional studio space and a multitude of other support resources. Our Aboriginal art gallery in the vibrant Central Market precinct brings Aboriginal art to a convenient location for locals and visitors to South Australia.

Our website shows our extensive catalogue of Aboriginal art and also provides tjukurrpa (stories) that relate to the images.

We have a broad selection of Aboriginal art produced by both emerging and well practiced and exhibited artists. We want to make Aboriginal art accessible to everyone. You can purchase Aboriginal art or art reproduced in prices ranging from a few dollars upwards. Please feel free to browse through our pages of Aboriginal art online. Here you will also find many cross cultural products that we have created using the beautiful and diverse images of Australian Aboriginal artists.

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