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Fair Traders of Australia

Valuing partnerships and ethical trading is at the heart of Better World Arts cross-cultural products. Fair Trade is about constructive economic empowerment and justice (not charity dependance) and delivering sustainable livelihoods to all participants.

Artisan made handicrafts have been negatively affected in a globalised world, with ever increasing emphasis on commercialised, mass-produced, low-cost goods.

Better World Arts cross-cultural projects create opportunities and access to international markets for all artists involved, directly contributing to community empowerment and the preservation of culture.

The cross-cultural collaborations transform Australian Indigenous fine art into lovely, utilitarian items and provide important exposure of Indigenous Anangu cultural heritage to the wider public. The handicraft artisans who produce the products in Kashmir, West Bengal, Peru and Nepal are empowered by continuing employment that utilizes their traditional handicrafts techniques within the new, innovative product.

Better World Arts fulfils the accreditation criteria and is an endorsed Fair Trader of Australia and New Zealand.

The 10 internationally recognised standards of Fair Trade are:

  1. Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers.
  2. Greater transparency and accountability.
  3. Fairer trading practices.
  4. Fairer prices for producers.
  5. No child exploitation or forced labour.
  6. Non discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association.
  7. Better working conditions.
  8. Capacity building.
  9. Promotion of Fair Trade.
  10. Environmental sustainability.

It is usually expected that these standards are adhered to by manufacturers in developing regions.  We proactively practice these principals in Australia as well as making sure that no one is exploited in our overseas supply chain. We are actively creating opportunities for Aboriginal people. We do this on many levels including assisting them with capacity building, giving very fair prices for their work/s, and working in an environmentally friendly way, by recycling and buying green energy. To find out more about Fair Trade Australia visit www.fta.org.au. 


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