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Frontline Programs

The Anangu community in Adelaide are generally extremely disadvantaged and marginalized. There are many pressures on families including poverty, lack of employment, lack of access to housing, health problems, problems surrounding school attendance and a lack of understanding in the wider community of traditional Anangu culture and language.

Since 2006 (when we opened our Gallery) Better World Arts has initiated and funded social programs which have provided frontline services including:

  • Providing economic engagement and work for Anangu artists and families
  • Getting kids to school and liaison with Education Dept and schools
  • Liaison with health services for appointments and on-site services
  • Assistance with banking, Centrelink, housing and other services
  • Financial assistance for food and transport
  • Cooking and healthy eating programs
  • Initiating English second language programs
  • Financial education
  • Regular winter blanket drive
  • Advocacy for Anangu across a range of services

Better World Arts has identified and actively pursued 7 income streams for Anangu in Adelaide which involve the community in the economic and social fabric of the mainstream community. Royalties from rugs and cushions and other Cross Cultural Projects that Better World manufactures and sells are only one of the possible ways traditional Aboriginal people can earn an income.

In 2007 Better World Arts initiated and funded a Cultural Centre which provides the only specific community space in Adelaide, apart from Church. People were then able to congregate, to socialize, to use the telephone and to access Better World Arts' social and educational programs.  

Thank yous

Throughout these years we have had some key supporters and would like to acknowledge and thank them:

The staff at Better World Arts - past and present

Beverley Peacock of Kaltjiti Arts

Sara Twigg-Patterson (ex-Tjala Arts)

Cecilia Alfonso and Gloria Morales of Warlukurlangu Artists

Rev Dr Bill Edwards, Rev (Pastor)

Dean Whittaker (Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Christian Congress) 

Oxfam’s Dr Linda Chalmers and Robin Strachan

Fair Trade Organisation of Australia and NZ

Annette Tripodi Arts Projects Australia and WOMADelaide

Colin Koch, Nancy Sheppard and Wallace McKitrick

Davina Egege

Kerry Stark (WELL Program)

Wayne Garrett (UCWPA) Financial Literacy

Kangawodli Health

Suzanne Lacy

Maureen Ritchie

Robyn Archer AO

Lowitja O’Donogue AC

Hon Grace Portolesi

Premier Jay Weatherill

Peter Goers

Hon Mark Butler MHR

Julia Twohig and homeopaths

And of course all our wholesale and retail customers

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