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Past Exhibitions 

Adelaide Fringe Festival
February 16 - March 28 2013

This Sublime Collection of Indigenous paintings has  been plucked straight from Iwantja Arts located on a dusty, rocky ridge in the eastern APY Lands. Desert Kala represents the rich desert landscape and showcases the stunning artworks and ancient songlines of the Yankunytjatjara community of Indulkna.

SALA - 'The Best of Better World Arts Collection'
4th August -22nd September 2012

Better World’s acquisitions reflect an era of great historical significance - the strong culture of Anangu elders.  Paintings and tjanpi weavings have been selected as fine examples of individual artists’ work, many of whom work directly with Better World.  The art has high intrinsic value - a small window into the kalaidescope of Australia’s oldest civilisation. The Collection is not for sale however, tjanpi and other paintings from the artists will be available.

Adelaide Fringe - 'Shape and Texture: Latest Works
24th February - 18 March 2012

In a dynamic and innovative show for the Adelaide Fringe, our artists engaged in challenging new directions in their art practice and development. Incorporating the new medium of sand, Indigenous stories are retold in a contemporary way. Floating forms, organic textures, and deep layers of colour have produced exciting contemporary creations on canvas.

Port Festival - 'Memories, Dreams and Reflections'
7th October - 12th November 2011

Better World Arts and Aboriginal artists from Ngura Wiru Winkiku Indigenous Corporation worked closely with artist-in-residence, Sonja Maclean to create a striking and colorful collection of mixed-media canvases. Traditional dreaming stories and designs along with contemporary recollections and imagery, take on another dimension with the unique addition of mirrors.

SALA -'Mission Days'
13 August - 24 September 2011Exhib_030

Imiyari Adamson painted a charming series of works about her childhood at Ernabella mission, recalling the idyllic desert landscape, the church and school, and traditional Anangu life. The images sparked a revival in talking about the mission days, and artists are exploring different aspects of this special time through theirworks. Opened by Lowitja O'Donoghue. 

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